Carolina BBQ Sauces at their Finest!!!!!

TIP: Use as a pork or chicken marinade, mopping sauce, or finishing flavor sauce when meats are chopped, shredded or cubed.

TIP: Coat beef ribs, pork ribs, rib roast, pork chops, brisket, pork butts fish or chicken prior to cooking for spices and rub to adhere to the meat. Baste on any meat just prior to removing from the grill or pour over meat in a slow cooker!  Use as a condiment, basting sauce, or grilling sauce. Great on steak as well!

Offering quality Carolina BBQ Sauces including Eastern NC Vinegar Sauce and Southern Mustard Sauce.   Thanks for your support!!!!

Our Eastern NC Vinegar based sauce is great as a marinade, on pulled chicken, grilled chicken , fried chicken, and pork.  It can be used as a mopping sauce or as a finishing sauce when the Meat is chopped.  Bold, tangy and spicy with Just a hint of sweetness, this sauce will make your mouth water and be the hit at your Backyard BBQ!!      SAUCE IT UP GOOD!

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TIP:  Baste as many coats as you desire on any meat five minutes before taking meat off the grill or smoker.  This sauce layers extremely well.  Use as a condiment if desired!  Awesome on ribs, chicken, pork, beef or seafood! 

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Bold, Spicy and Tangy

                 SAUCE IT UP GOOD!

Our Southern Mustard Sauce is mustard based, but filled with many other quality ingredients that blend perfectly! Thick and tangy, not too sweet but not too sour.  Great on beef, chicken, fish and pork on the grill or in a slow cooker.   Smells great on the grill Too!  Use on anything you normally put mustard on. Use as a condiment  or as a basting sauce. SPREAD IT ON THICK!


From ribs, chicken, beef, pork, or seafood, we have the Sweet Hickory Sauce, Eastern NC vinegar based sauce and Southern Mustard based sauce to make your BBQ meat taste great and satisfy any craving. Use a little or use a lot, but whatever you do SAUCE IT UP GOOD WITH CAROLINA Q'!

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proudly selling the taste of the carolinas! 

Carolina Sweet Hickory Sauce has that bold, smoky, tangy and sweet spicy flavor that is classic for backyard grilling or smoking.  This sauce is great on ribs, chicken, pork or beef.  With just the right amount of spice balanced with hickory and brown sugar, this sauce will make your mouth water when you taste it!  This sauce is thick and sticks to any meat on the grill or in the oven.  Use it as a condiment, basting sauce, or in the crock pot, this sauce will work in the kitchen or in the back yard.  Use a little or use a lot, but whatever you do, SAUCE IT UP GOOD!

If you like BBQ you will love our sauces. Our Southern Mustard Sauce is Gluten and Cholesterol Free, and our Carolina Sweet Hickory Sauce and Eastern NC Vinegar Sauce is Gluten Free, Fat Free and Cholesterol Free!  Our recipes include Carolina Sweet Hickory Sauce, Eastern NC Vinegar Sauce, and Southern Mustard. Born and rooted in the Wilmington, North Carolina area, the founder and owner of Carolina Q' and, Douglas Morgan Jr., is a BBQ enthusiast, backyard chef, and BBQ competition cook.  Doug is a recipe developer and blog writer on LANG BBQ SMOKERS website .  Doug also uses a LANG 36 Hybrid Deluxe Smoker and recommends LANG Smokers to any backyard chef or competition cook!  With strong roots in the south and its tradition of BBQ, our sauces signify that unique taste of what BBQ in the Carolinas is famous for.  Bold, spicy and tangy, our sauces and rubs are made from the finest ingredients, and our manufacturing process conforms to the strictest industry standards.   You'll never forget your first taste of Carolina Q' BBQ sauce! Use a little or use a lot, but whatever you do,  SAUCE IT UP GOOD WITH CAROLINA Q'!

Carolina BBQ Sauces in Hickory and Brown Sugar, Vinegar Based, and Mustard Based Sauce styles